14-15 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

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14-15 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

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This kit replaces the factory oil cooler with a high quality external unit.


This product is not legal in the state of California.
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  • 2014 - 2015 3.0L Ram 1500 EcoDiesel


This kit will replace the factory oil cooler with a high quality external unit to alleviate the issues associated with excessive oil temperatures as well as eliminate the possibility of engine oil/coolant cross-contamination. The factory oil cooler uses the main engine cooling system to regulate oil temperatures. The problem with this is that if the integrity of the factory cooler is compromised in any way, it can result in cross-contamination of the engine oil/coolant systems and in turn cause SERIOUS issues if not addressed immediately.

Take one look at our kit components and you'll understand why this is the only REAL oil cooler option available for the 3.0L Ram EcoDiesel. The oil cooler included with our kit was developed with help from the professionals at Fluidyne and was designed specifically for this application. The aluminum core is 3" thick (yes, 3") to provide maximum cooling efficiency without being a flow restriction or causing unwanted pressure-drop. Our patent pending Oil Cooler Adapter plate in combination with black fittings and nylon braided hose transfer the engine oil to the cooler in a sleek and simple fashion to provide the easiest and cleanest installation possible.

In stock form, oil temperatures can reach almost 250 degrees just while cruising on the freeway! With this kit installed, you can expect to see a 15-20 degree drop in overall oil temperatures. While fit and function were our main focuses during the development of this kit, it's not to say that the kit doesn't look awesome as well. No fancy colors here, just raw high quality parts that work as great as they look!

No custom tuning required, will work on a completely stock truck (active grille modification required).

(Note: Some trucks have been known to come with very restrictive grills from the factory. Since the oil cooler upgrade requires sufficient airflow across the cooler, we highly recommend checking with us, before ordering, to see if your specific grill is appropriate. In the event that you have a restrictive style grill and/or engine oil temperatures exceed our recommendation, we suggest utilizing an aftermarket grill that is more conducive to airflow. In our testing, we found that the open, mesh style grills worked the absolute best.)

Kit Contents

  • 1 - 3" Thick Oil Cooler
  • 1 - Oil Cooler Adapter Plate
  • 2 - Nylon Braided Hose Assemblies
  • 1 - Fittings/Hardware

Installation Instructions