MAP / Unilateral Pricing Policy

As of January 1, 2013 all H&S Motorsports, LLC (“HSM”) branded parts will be subject to a both a Minimum Advertised Price(“MAP”) policy and a UNILATERAL policy. The HSM MAP policy sets forth the minimum price that an HSM Authorized Dealer can advertise HSM products. The HSM UNILATERAL policy sets forth the minimum price that an HSM Authorized Dealer can sell, or offer to sell, HSM products. All retailers, jobbers, dealers, and wholesale distributors(“Resellers”) are subject to both of these policies.

HSM takes great pride in the quality and performance of its products, and offers its resellers and end-users the best customer service in the industry. These H&S policies are designed and intended to maintain the integrity and profitability of HSM products, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality of parts and service.

Although each Reseller is free to choose whether or not to comply with these HSM policies, violation of either policy will result in loss of Authorized Dealer status, and all pending orders being canceled, with no future orders accepted from the violating company. HSM will actively and uniformly enforce these policies, and Reseller actions deemed to be in violation of these policies will be enforced immediately. Loss of Authorized Dealer status will include loss of permission to use HSM copyrighted material including, but not limited to, marketing material, images, product descriptions, and HSM company information.

In order to be considered an HSM Authorized Dealer, you must complete all application requirements and accept the terms of these policies. Each individual reseller can, at their own discretion, choose to comply or to not comply with this policy, however, non-compliance will result in termination of business relationship between the Reseller and HSM. HSM reserves the right to revise MAP for any item at any time without written notice. Although HSM will diligently attempt to notify all Resellers of changes to MAP, it is the Resellers responsibility to ensure they are current with MAP. These policies are non-negotiable.

MAP / Unilateral Pricing Policy Terms and Conditions

  1. MAP price is the same as MSRP/Retail
  2. No Reseller shall advertise, sell, nor offer HSM products below current MAP/UNILATERAL price. This policy also applies to walk-ins, phone orders, online conversations, instant messages or any other such instances where a price is written, verbally or electronically offered.
  3. Instant rebates, coupons, or other methods that would net the customer a sale price of less than MAP is a violation of the HSM MAP/ UNILATERAL policy.
  4. Auction-type sales are not permitted unless the starting price of the auction is at or above MAP. Sales
  5. Buy-It-Now type auctions are acceptable so long as the item is ONLY available for purchase at or above the MAP of the auctioned item.
  6. “Best Offer” options for any auction is NOT allowed, and is a violation of HSM MAP/UNILATERAL policy
  7. Free shipping or free installation is acceptable and is not a violation of any HSM policy.