H&S Motorsports, LLC (“SELLER”) gives Limited Warranty as to the description, quality, merchantability, fitness for any product’s purpose, or any other matter of SELLER’s product sold herewith. The SELLER shall be in no way responsible for the product’s use and service and the BUYER hereby waives all rights other than those expressly written herein. This Warranty shall not be varied except by a written agreement signed and dated by SELLER and BUYER.

The Warranty is Limited to one (1) year from the date of sale and limited solely to the parts contained within the product’s original packaging. All products that are in question of Warranty must be returned shipping prepaid to the SELLER and must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase receipt. All Warranty claims are subject to approval by H&S Motorsports, LLC.

Under no circumstances shall the SELLER be liable for any labor charges incurred, or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or re-installation of this product, or any other contingent expenses. Any product deemed defective and consequently repaired or replaced by SELLER, shall retain the remainder of the warranty period from date of purchase, as the warranty period shall not be extended due to repair or replacement. Under no circumstances will the SELLER be liable for any damage or expenses incurred by reason of the use or sale of any such product.

H&S Motorsports does not support sales or warranty claims for product purchased through Amazon and Ebay!


  • This warranty is null and void for any new products purchased through unauthorized dealers.
  • This warranty is null and void for any products sold as USED or REFURBISHED.
  • This warranty is null and void for any products purchased below the H&S UNILATERAL PRICING POLICY
  • This warranty is null and void for any products that have been altered by a 3rd party.
  • The warranty policy is typically repair/replace.
  • Each warranty situation will be evaluated by H&S Motorsports on a case-by-case basis to determine the appropriate warranty action.

If the buyer does not agree to the terms of this limited warranty or the disclaimer of liability, the buyer may return this product to the SELLER in a new and unused condition, along with dated proof of purchase, within 30 days of purchase, for a full refund (less shipping and handling).

If you need to obtain a warranty please email tech@hs-motorsports.com

BorgWarner SX-E turbocharger warranties must be done directly through BorgWarner.

Click here for the BorgWarner Performance Turbocharger Warranty Statement

Stock Bosch CP3 pump warranties must be done directly through Bosch. Modified CP3 pump warranties will be done through H&S Motorsports.

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